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Exfoliating with a sugar/salt scrub is vital for the longevity of your spray tan! Make sure you do this at least 24-48 hours before your spray tan to remove dead skin cells from your skin. Exfoliation allows new skin cells to absorb color for an even, natural looking tan. It is important NOT to do this the day of your tan.

Scented Candle

What Should i do about Shaving?

If you would like to shave before your tan, do this at least 24 hours before your appointment. If you shave the day of your tan, the color of your tan could be affected by the spots you shaved. Do not put anything (lotion, oils, perfumes, etc.) on your skin the day of your tan. It's a great idea to remove any deodorant or makeup before your appointment. If you can't do this before your appointment, don't worry, we have baby wipes and makeup remover for you to use.

What do i wear to my appointment?

Bring or wear loose clothing to your appointment. Plan on not wearing a bra for an hour after your appointment if you don't want the tan to rub off under your bra straps. Make sure your loose clothing is black or a darker color. The spray tan solution will wash out of your clothing, but you want to bring darker clothing to be safe. We do provide disposable underwear for you to wear during your tan, otherwise women may tan nude (men have to wear bottoms) if you prefer no tan lines, or bring an old swim suit etc. 

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