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AFter care

Taking care of your spray tan

Allow your tan to develop before sweating or showering

Wait at least 10 -12 hours before showering or sweating so that you have allowed your tan enough time to develop. When it is time to shower, do a warm water rinse without scrubbing your skin. If you are getting the rapid tan solution, your spray tan stylist will communicate with you how long to wait before showering/sweating.




Start applying lotion 2 - 3 times a day after showering off your bronzer. Moisturizing consistently is important so that your tan will last as long as possible. If you go into chlorine with a spray tan on, make sure you pat dry and apply a moisturizer as soon as you get out of the water.

use sunscreen when going outdoors

Spray tans do not protect you from the sun, but you will still tan normally underneath your tan. Make sure to apply sunscreen before any outdoor activities. Use the lotion sunscreen instead of aerosol spray sunscreens; the aerosol will break down a spray tan.

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